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We’ve been a wee bit distracted lately by this little button… 

Early November we welcomed a new life into our world. The Joy we’re sharing in our home is immense, and we’ve taken this holiday season to get acquainted and settled in with our second born son, Oliver. 

Though we’re overloaded and simply content to just stay bundled up with our new family “addition” this winter & new year.. the band is so, so excited to look ahead at 2017 and whats to come! The month of January will be the start of a fun and full year for us; we can’t wait to share in the journey and good times with you. Here are some things we’re all looking forward to in the near future: 

Events. Check out the show schedule to see when we’re playing a show, camp or heading up a conference near you. We’re kicking this New Year off strong by opening for a talented and upcoming band called Love & The Outcome.Mark your calendars for Jan 25th/ 26th 2017 and check back for time and venue details. Camps. Silver Spur, Mount Hermon, Hume Lake, Pinecrest, Mission Springs to name a few… Look for details on the individual camp websites and sign up for these trips! Missions Trips. We’ve partnered with Azusa Pacific University and a number of organizations to head down and share music, resources and relationship with the good people of Mexicali! Azusa has done years of mission work in Mexico and has helped run orphanages, create homes and pave the way for opportunities to survive specific to Mexicali. We’re looking forward to being a part of this organization for a week in April. 

Tours. Look for and request us at a city near you! We’ll be a part of a number of tours, big and small this year. If you’re interested in having us out your way, click “Book Now” in our contact page to fill out a request form. House shows. We’ve got a few indiegogo house shows in the works, and if you’re wanting your own house show, head over to the contact page and send us a message with the details!

Albums. We celebrated the release of our first full length record, “Hurricane Rain,” this last year. We had a lot of ups and downs amidst the writing and recording process, so we consider it such a victory in our lives as well as in our discography to have put out HR. It marked a new sub-genre and direction for us, and we’ve loved sharing it live with a few of you! But that said, we’re ready for more (and we hope you are too). Colorfair will be writing and recording a series of short albums over the course of 2017. New songs, new stories… Excited to share it all with you!

Roster updates. We want to address Lily and the new group of friends we’ve added to the roster. Lily will always be a primary voice and heart of Colofair, but the realities of the road and having small children as you can imagine can be logistically exhausting. We’ll love it and make it work, but this New Year there will be events she is a part of, and events she is not. She has commented that she’ll be far more involved as the year progresses and of course in the years to come. Along these same lines, Lily will also be starting a side project that you NEED to hear! She’s excited to share a new batch of songs she’s written at home and will perform on her own. Stay posted with that! We’re all waiting in anticipation over here. New friends. We’d like to officially welcome two of our dearest friends, Ty Mauro (drums) and Jacob Lane (Guitar) to the musical collective that is Colorfair. With them they bring an immense amount of talent, skill, passion and heart. They’ll be involved in most everything we do, adding a new dynamic to the sound we carry and the songs we write.  

(Pictured: Jacob on electric and Ty on drums during our opener slot for Matthew West) 

Christmas. Nothing new to update this year, we just hope you stay warm, cozy and have an amazing Christmas month with family and friends! If you’re looking for Christmas music from us to help usher in one of your favorite holidays and seasons, we recorded a Christmas record a few years back you can check out here: Christmas EP

The End. Well, that's all for the moment. We're going back into our happily ever, newborn focused and exhausted vegetative state of hibernation (no apologies for any of that) only to be awoken upon the breaking of the New Year. Thank you as always for sharing this life with us, we can’t wait to see you out at a show!

Don’t be strangers! See you in 2017!

- Colorfair


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